Pacific Coast Western World Series
Modesto and surrounding cities
July 24 - 28, 2019

Pacific Coast Western World Series

July 24 - 28, 2019
Modesto, Merced, Manteca, Elk Grove, and Turlock
8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
4 game guarantee
Entry Fee: 8U - $550
Entry Fee: 10-18U - $750

8U - Modesto
10U - Manteca
12U - Modesto
14U - Stockton
16/18U - Turlock
Opening ceremonies will be held at Modesto's John Thurman Field

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Black are penciled in teams.  Blue are paid deposits.  Green are paid in full.
8U - Modesto 10U - Manteca 12U - Modesto
Ceres Sizzle-De Leon 8B AASA-Cooksey 10B Easton Bullets 12B
Sanger Warriors 8 Easton Bullets-Martinez 10A Tahoe Tallac Novas 12B
  Tahoe Tallac Valkyries 10B Rockets-Moreno 12A
  Rockets-Gasca 10A Bakersfield Outlaws-Lopez 12B
  Mid Cal Legends-Cox 10A Fresno Outlawz 12B
  Firecrackers-Nulick 10A Foothill Gold-Williams 12A
  Ceres Sizzle-Ferral 10B Clovis Rockets-Dias 12A
  OC Knights 10B Tulare Lil Hawks 12
  Clovis Rockets-Massicci 10A OC Knights-Castillo 12A
  NorCal Fastpitch 10B Cen Cal Blast 12B
  Tulare Lil Hawks 10B Sanger Warriors 12B
  Sanger Warriors-Garcia 10B Oakdale Magic 12B
  Sanger Warriors-Ortiz 10B Diamonds 12B
  Bases Academy 10B NAPA Valley Express 12A
  Smoke Fastpitch-Norton 10 805 Elite-Pirnat 12A
  Stockton Tigers 10B Strikkers 12A
  Tri County Smash 10B Valley Force 12B
  Easton Bullets-Vasquez 10B CCA-Norman 12A
  National Elite 10B Bases Academy 12B
  Gamechangers-Cooper 10B Strikers 12B
    Cen Cal Bullets-Nelson 12B
    Bakersfield Hurricanes 12B
  Gamechangers 12B
    Arsenal Fastpitch 12B
    SGV Dynamite 12A
    Cen Cal Dirtdogs - MacDonald 12B
    CA Destroyers-Wall 12A
    Fresno Force-Bopp 12A
    Lady Hawks-Vanderver 12A
    Destoyers - Powell 12B
    Prodigies Softball 12B
    Elite Panthers 12A
    Ceres Sizzle 12B
    Dynasty Softball 12A
    Wave Fastpitch 12A
    Mid State Bears 12A
    Bakersfield HOTSHOTS 12B
    Twisters 12A
    Playhard 12B
    Stockton Tigers 12B
    Bakersfield Ballistics 12B
    Oakdale Heat 12A
    Batbusters Gomes-Sommerville 12A
    Dynasty Fastpiych 12B
    California Crossfire 12A
    alley Venom 12B
Black are penciled in teams.  Blue are paid deposits.  Green are paid in full.
14U - Stockton 16U - Turlock 18U - Turlock
Nor Cal Assassins 14B Easton Bullets 16B Easton Bullets 18
OC Knights-Del Bosque 14A Valley Heat 16B Nevada Lightning-Moore 18
Valley Heat 14B Oakdale Lady Rebels 16B Valley Valkyries 18
Pacific Breeze 14B Bases Academy 16B Valley Heat 18
Prodigies 14B Delano Ravens 16B Nor Cal Pride 18
Sanger Warriors 14B Fresno Sliders 16B Valley Ducks 18
So Cal Bruins 14B Ceres Sizzle - Roton 16B Nationals Elite 18
CA Destroyers-Gomez 14A Central Valley Quest 16A California Crossfire 18A
Bases Academy 14B National Elite 16B Cal Ladyhawks-SGV18 18
Turlock Fury-Avara 14B Cal Ladyhawks-Hernandez 16B Prodigy Easton Elite 18A
Bases Academy 14B   Valley Duck 18
Babes-Hernandez 14    
Cen Cal Fury-Dez 14B    
E1 Prospects-Robinson 14A    
So Cal Bullets - Wensley 14B    
Cen Cal Aces-Mesa 14B    
Turlock Fury-Chandler 14B    
Ca Destroyers-Gomez 14A    
Nationals Elite 14B    
Tahoe Tallac Fastpitch-Leathem 14B    
Batbusters-Andrightetto 14A  
ICE 20-Alkazian 14B    
ICE 20-Rodarte 14B    
Tri County Smash-Lujan 14B    
MATRIX 14A    
Prodigies 14B    
SoCal Choppers-Arcos 14B    
Diamind-Krusherz 14B    
Rogue Softball 14B    
Tahoe Tallac Fastpitch-Leathem 14B    
Salinas Wildcats 14A    
Sanger Stars 14B  
Sanger Stars-Torres 14B    
National Elite 14B    
USA Phenom/Alcala 14B    
Ceres Sizzle 14B